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Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer

Protect food from various contaminants

to keep it fresh!

No more worries about food spoilage by using super simple vacuum packing!
Use the point pack pro that compresses fast by removing air with vacuum!

Main Features

  • No more worries about food spoilage with super simple vacuum packing!
  • Korean company specializing in the production vacuum packing machine
  • Convenient to use with a simple one touch button
  • Refined slim design
  • Excellent noise reduction and absorption by using specially strengthened large size motor
  • More conveniently with an automatic locking device
  • Convenient to use anytime anywhere with super slim and super light weight
  • Keep food fresh for a long time by blocking germs and humidity
  • 1 year free A/S
01 Keep food fresh!
Point Pack Pro, which is manufactured by a Korean vacuum packing machine-specializing company, is a product that keeps food fresh for a long time by blocking germs and humidity after removing air while vacuum packing.
Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer
02 Uses a specially strengthened large size motor!
The use of a specially-strengthened large size motor has reduced noise and upgraded a vacuum effect.
Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer
03 Convenient use anytime anywhere with a super slim, super light weight design!
The slim, refined one-touch button design and super light weight provide convenient storage and use anytime anywhere.
Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer
04 Convenient packing with a one touch button!
Vacuum packing of smelly fish and food prone to spoilage with a one-touch button can keep food fresh anytime by through easy vacuuming and sealing.
Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer
05 Conveniently with an auto locking device~
The auto locking device provides a more convenient use without requiring complicated locking. After packing, it is automatically opened for anyone to use the product easily.
Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer
06 Simple organization of the refrigerator at once!
Vacuum packing provides fresh food at all times economically, and widens the space of refrigerator by reducing the volume of food.
Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer
07 Can vacuum various types of food!
Vacuum packing can pack the remaining ingredients after cooking, as well as various volumes of food, to keep them fresh.
Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer
08 High quality and convenience
Easy to store due to small size and light weight! The use of a strong low-noise pump provides little noise but a strong vacuum function! Great portability and easy use of space with the enclosed magnet
Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer
  • Point Pack Food Vacuum Sealer
  • Point Pack is safe

    Polyethylene (PE) does not contain plasticizer and Bisphenol A (BPA), so the product is free of environmental hormone. Non harmful substance is detected from Polyethylene (PE) that is used as a food packaging material.

Product #1 (Normal Type) vs. Product #2 (Portable Type)

PointPack(normal type) Comparison PointPack(Portable type)
Kitchen Use Kitchen/Outdoor
220 volts Power Battery charge
X Charging method USB cable or normal 5pin charger
X Charging time 3 hours(blue LED on after full charging)
X Power Button O(Bottom of main body)
hard rubber Mount type magnets
In the kitchen Storage after use on refrigerator(with magnet on the bottom)