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Industry's 1st 5-in-1 Multifunctional Clothing Care System

The demand for the product capable of drying, deodorizing,  sterilizing the clothing is constantly rising due to the increase of busy modern people, especially single people, and frequent abnormal weather.
In Korea, outdoor drying is difficult as fine dust, air pollution and yellow dust occur for almost half of the year (from March), and that is why this type of multifuctional clothing care product is developed. Furthermore, considering the ever-growing population of single household, the slim type or foldable type products are required because it should not take up much space like normal furniture.

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  • R&D

What is the PTC heater (Positive Temperature Coefficient Heater)?

As a system where it is operated by electric heating before the temperature reaches a certain degree, the warm wind is generated more stable and faster.
This multifunctional clothing care system adopted an advanced technology method that heats the air fast with the electric heating device before the air inflows to the heater, by installing an additional electric heating system on the back of the main heater's core.