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Wireless Power Dryer

Wireless Power Dryer

01 Max Power Sonic Product Introduction and Summary

Max Power Sonic Cordless Hair Dryer In Neat and Slim design

  • Max Power Sonic Cordless Hair Dryer utilizes Independent technology.
  • It is designed to use comfortably anytime and anywhere.
  • It is Cordless, therefore, can maximize on the benefits of using Cordless technology.
  • This is an innovated hair dryer created for the new blue ocean hair Dryer system.

Max Power Sonic Product Image

Max Power Sonic Product Image

02 Max Power Sonic Features

Feel free of Cordless!

There wasn't Before!! Innovative Hair Dryer


1. 57℃ caring air flow For healthy hair and scalp
2. A safe temperature system that is not exceeding 70℃.

Micro Processer

The Micro processer keeps temperature and air flow consistent by controlling the hot and cool air flow

Scientific two-tier design

Reduces noise with a scientific double structure and Output that puts the wind intensity to a professional level!

Scientific two-tier design

03 Max Power Sonic Featurers and functions
1. Battery indicator
- It shows 4 steps battery indicator on the LED of the Hair styler
- Charging time: 166 minutes
2. On/Off Button
- Please press the hot or cool button for two seconds’
3. Temperature control in 3 levels
- Temperature setting in one of three levels depending on the hair condition of the user
- One of three temperatures (LOW, MID, HIGH) is displayed on the LED window
DC cordless charge cord16.8V adapter
      Charging way using cardle           Charge Max Power Sonic directly

Running time

Running time

Made in Korea

Manufactured and produced in Korea
builds domestic production facilities and manages manufacturing and production in korea with uniformed system from market research to research, development, design, assembly, and quality test.

Made in Korea

Authorizations in korea and overseas

using various skills and technologies
We got a patent and other various authorizations to develop and produce in domestic korea

04 Max Power Sonic Product Color Images
Max Power Sonic Product Color Images
05 Max Power Sonic Features and Specification
Product name Max Power Sonic Hair Dryer
Rated voltage DC 11.1V
Battery capacity 4900mAh
Function 2 BUTTON (HOT: 3 steps / COOL: 3 steps)
Power consumption 250W DC 10V_20,000PPM (COOL high)
Available using time 2Hours and 53min (COOL low) 26min (HOT low)
06 Max Power Sonic Constotution
  • Wireless Power Dryer
  • Max power sonic


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